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When you register a .Asia domain you are joining an online, global community that supports and brings together Asians from every part of the world. Show your Asian pride whether you are from Los Angeles, Beijing or New Delhi.

.Asia domains are used for personal blogs, ecommerce shops and every type of website in-between. .Asia domains can be registered by anyone and can be used for any type of site.

The .Asia extension is perfect for companies doing business in Asia or that want to reach out to the Asian American community. Human Resource leaders use .Asia domains as part of their company’s diversity programs. Individuals and non-profits use .Asia domains to launch their Asian focused projects on and support Asian minorities in their community through their online efforts.

In addition to joining the online Asian community, you are helping to support Asian focused projects worldwide with your .Asia domain. Since 2007 DotAsia, the organization that manages the .Asia extension, continue to focus on giving back and reinvesting in the Asian community. DotAsia supports an ever-growing list of projects that educate and connect Asians worldwide.

What can .asia offer?

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